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Midwest Athletic Performance will be offering Intro to Weight Training Classes for athletes between the ages 8 to 12.  These classes will teach proper technique to athletes who are new to weight training or training in general.  Athletes will learn how to squat, lunge, deadlift, row, and bench press with zero to little weight prior to entering our weight room.  We will also incorporate general plyometric exercises to increase speed and stamina.

What you need to know:


Dates:  We will be enrolling athletes all summer long at 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.  Classes will be offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Pricing:  Price per Class = $20.00, 5 Class Package = $85.00, 10 Class Package = $150.00


Overall Goals: Teach athletes the proper form of various exercises, build strength, speed, and stamina, and advance the athlete into the weight room upon completion of the intro class.



*Call Alex at 513-520-1788

*Email us at

*Chat with us on our webpage and let us know you're coming!


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